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Find out how your competition and colleagues benefit from TIA:

  • “To be recognized as part of the industry…”
  • “Product knowledge and training…”
  • “The seminars are valuable…”
  • “Find new Customers and  leads”
  • “The big value is the communication link to manufacturers and suppliers…”
  • “Access to other members…”

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An introduction to the Tortilla Industry Association (TIA)

The Tortilla Industry Association (TIA) was created in 1990 to serve the tortilla industry – the fastest growing segment of the baking industry.

As the internationally recognized representative for companies in the tortilla industry, TIA’s mission is:

“To assist member companies, and the industry as a whole, in efficient growth and development, and to promote the consumption of tortillas and related food products.”

Current TIA membership includes a diverse group of tortilla manufacturers, industry suppliers, distributors and companies with interests in the tortilla industry from around the world. TIA offers small and large organizations an affordable opportunity to access comprehensive marketing, research and networking tools, including, for our supplier members, a database of more than 750 tortilla producers worldwide.

TIA assists tortilla industry companies to grow through effective management and marketing techniques. The association also addresses regulation and quality control, as well as distribution issues, and provides members with educational support through technical seminars, conventions, and market research.

TIA promotes the consumption of this traditional Mexican bread, specifically by raising awareness of alternative uses of tortillas in mainstream American fare.

TIA membership can help your organization stay on the cutting-edge of the growing tortilla industry by:

  • Keeping you up-to-date on the latest industry information, market research, technical research and government affairs that affect your company
  • Establishing business connections that help you operate your company more effectively
  • Providing you with added promotional opportunities through public relations outreach and the TIA online presence
  • TIA offers you the ability to expand your reach, your resources and your business success

Membership Benefits Programs Include:

Association benefits far outweigh membership costs given TIA’s ability to maximize the success of its Members and minimize their expenses



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  • Equipment Leasing & Financing, TIA  Members  can  free   up  their cash  while increasing production efficiency with new equipment by  leasing instead of buying equipment, and our  Leasing Partners have agreed to a combination of reduced fees, lower rates, and easier quicker approvals on leases from $5K to $5M. For more information, contact Southern California Leasing – for details please click here
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  • Save on Corrugated Boxes, we understand that the cost of corrugated boxes is one of the important costs of running your operation. So TIA has partnered with Temple Inland, one of the country’s leading providers of corrugated boxes (please see article in the previous issue of TIA Newsletter) . How much can they save you? It depends on a lot of factors, just like with insurance quotes so please download it from the TIA website and print it then fax it. Or just call Mike at (804) 862-8209

Additional benefits

  1.  Advertising in TIA directory/buyers guide
  2.  Link and exposure from our website
  3.  Reduced costs for attending or exhibiting at TIA conventions and seminars
  4.  Reduced costs when attending AIB conferences and seminars
  5.  Research and marketing information
  6. Eligibility for $1,000 TIA Scholarships for Children of Employees

  • The TIA web site can help you communicate with:
  1. Food Service Contacts
  2. Retail Buyers/Distribution Channels
  3. Association Members
  4. Trade and General Media
  5. Consumers
  • Networking and Contacts, all TIA members gain substantially via networking and referrals available through TIA communications (especially inquiries from its Web site), events, trade shows and conferences.
  • Web Site/Promoting Tortillas, TIA’s website is visited thousands of times per day by consumers interested in tortillas and by companies interested in the industry. And as a member, you can become a part of this site by directing TIA to hyperlink to your existing website.
  • The website serves as a clearinghouse of information for those interested in learning more about TIA, its members, their services and the replica products they offer. High quality .This information is especially useful for suppliers, restaurant chains and food service institutions.
  • Technical Assistance
  1. TIA sponsors plant operations, production and formulation research through grants to outside organizations.
  2. TIA has an alliance with American Institute of Baking to provide hands-on training for tortilla production managers and line personnel.
  • Promoting Tortillas

Increasing consumption is one of TIA’s primary goals. Public relations is one of the most cost-effective and successful tools we use to get our message to the masses.

TIA uses public relations on a national basis to generate well-placed stories, segments and mentions in consumer and business print and electronic media. TIA’s efforts to promote product consumption results in millions of media impressions in newspapers and magazines throughout the U.S. every year.


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